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Hmmm, write something for the home page on your new website was the direction from the bright young man who was redesigning our webpage. As with most of us, all my life I’ve had to write things which are then okayed by someone further up the tree than I was – this may only be a tiny tree but I’m at the top of it so perhaps I can write this simply to please me!

First up then, we are forty minutes drive from Devonport where the boat lands from Melbourne, fifteen minutes from Burnie Airport, forty minutes from the Stanley Nut and an hour and half away from Cradle Mountain. The nearest major city to us is Burnie, about 6 kms. Many people base their trips to the north west corner of Tassie from our park as it allows them to enjoy the drive and scenery without the constant awareness of having a van in tow.

The Somerset Beachside Cabin and Caravan Park is a lovely serene park located on about 12 acres of land, The sites are large, flat and easy to get to, the cabins are simple and warm, and the ambiance of the whole place is friendly and easy. We have a beautiful café located onsite and plenty of magical gardens and fruit trees for people to walk around and enjoy.
(Photos of which can be found HERE!)

We enjoy running this caravan park as a small unaligned family business our growing success has been paved by word of mouth from people who have stayed here.

Please have a wander through our website and perhaps earmark us as a place that may be worth visiting,

Wayne and Jacki Gaffney

The Two Oaks Café, located on the same site as the caravan park, is a handcrafted building made of local farm rock and native timbers. The licensed café provides a beautiful array of affordable tasty meals and is renowned locally for its coffee. There are regular acoustic music sessions held in the surrounding gardens and is a favourite location for family gatherings and good times.

Click Here for more infomation about the Two Oaks Café

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